Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colorado PUC Proposes Community Solar Gardens Rules

     The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has proposed rules for the Community Solar Gardens program.  The rules are open to comment until the public hearing on March 18.  Some highlights:

- No subscriber may account for more than forty percent of the output of the solar garden.

- Subscriber organizations are required to maintain a waiting list of potential subscribers, and transfer fees are limited to one percent.

- Commercial and industrial customers receive a proportional credit for demand charges.

- Subscribers have the option to keep the Renewable Energy Credits from their share of the Solar Garden.

- Utilities must maintain a reservation queue for solar gardens under their standard offer programs, and can charge up to $100 per kilowatt refundable deposit.

- At least five percent of capacity is allocated to subscribers with income below 185% of the poverty line

Link to Community Solar Gardens Proposed Rules

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