Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Town of Saguache Signs Letter of Intent for Community Solar Garden

On April 18, in Saguache Colorado, the Town Board voted 7-0 to sign a letter of intent with the Solar Panel Hosting Company.  Saguache is located in the San Luis Valley, which receives the most annual sunshine of any region in Colorado, but faces economic challenges.

The letter commits our group to the following:

  •          Conduct preliminary energy assessment and review existing studies

  •          Produce detailed site characterization

  •          Investigate which Federal, State, and Local permits are required for your project

  •         Research loan and grant options

  •         Identify tax incentives and eligibility requirements

  •          Partner with the Solar Gardens Institute and local groups to study greatest social and economic impact in the town of Saguache

  •          Prepare a Solar Gardens application for filing with Xcel Energy

h   The solar array will likely be located near the Town's old landfill site.  In about 30-60 days there will be a public meeting to discuss this project, sized at 100-200 kilowatts or 1-2 acres depending on demand for subscriptions.

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