Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Solar Gardens FAQ

Introducing the Solar Gardens Institute's brand-new Solar Gardens FAQ - we've distilled the most commonly asked questions in one format.  

We're also working on a list of more advanced questions specifically for solar gardeners.  Become a solar gardener - sign up by emailing

FAQ Questions

Intro to solar gardens
What is a Solar Garden?
What is Community Supported Energy?
Why is a solar garden so cool?
How big can a solar garden be?
What is the Solar Panel Hosting Company?
What is the Solar Gardens Institute, and how does it work with the local community?
What are the steps to starting a solar garden?

Subscribing to a solar garden
What’s a subscriber?
What’s an anchor subscriber?
What is a subscriber organization?
How do I subscribe?
How much solar can I buy?
How much will I save?
What if I move?
How long does a subscription last?
How close do I need to be to a host to subscribe? 

Hosting a solar garden
What’s a host?
Who pays for the array to be built?
What qualifies a site to be a solar garden host?
Who installs and maintains the solar systems?
What about warranty and insurance?
What’s an O&M fund, and how does it work?
What kind of panels are used for a solar garden? Are they American-made?

What options do both subscribers and hosts have at the end of a lease?
Who makes decisions for a solar garden?

What’s the rate of return on a community solar investment?
What’s a kilowatt (kW), and what’s a kilowatt hour (kWh)?

Which states allow solar gardens?
What is the SUN Act?

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