Saturday, January 7, 2012

Community renewable energy projects in UK | nuclear-news

There are now 43 communities who are in the process of or already producing renewable energy through co-operative structures. They are set up and run by
everyday people – local residents mostly – who are investing their time and money and together installing solar panels, large wind turbines or hydro-electric power for their local communities.

The report highlights a series of examples. Like Ouse Valley Energy Service Company, which is owned by 250 people who have installed solar
panels on a local brewery. Or River Bain Hydro, which installed a hydro electric power generator in its local river with investment of £200,000 from around 200 people.

The report also shows that together across the UK local residents have invested over £16 million in these co operatives. These range from over £4 million which has been invested by over 2,700 people in Westmill Wind Farm in Oxfordshire, right through to around £38,000 which has been invested by around 34 local residents to install solar
panels on a local primary school in Nayland, Suffolk.

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  1. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for the post. BALLE (the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) is having a webinar this Tuesday (1-10) as part of their Accelerating Community Capital Webinar Series. The topic of this call is "Co-op Power: A Model for Local Investment, New Business Development and Job Creation with Lynn Benander of Co-op Power and Northeast Biodiesel."

    1. Sorry I missed this one! I'd like to learn more about co-op power in the Northeast. Do you think we could do a webinar on community solar gardens in Colorado?