Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Early Bird" solar garden subscribers wanted in Colorado

Subscribe to the Sun!

Xcel Energy recently launched their Community Solar Garden program. SGI is seeking subscribers for your local community solar arrays in Colorado. As a subscriber, you can go solar, save money on your electricity bill, pay no maintenance fees, and help provide clean renewable energy to your community.

A limited number of "early bird" subscribers will receive a discount price, if your two-step application process is complete by September 13.

XCEL Energy customers in the following areas are eligible to subscribe:

Aurora / Adams Solar Garden
City of Aurora
County of Adams

Saguache Solar Garden
Counties of Saguache, Chaffee, Alamosa, Rio Grande, Mineral, Hinsdale, and Gunnison

You must get your electric bill from XCEL Energy. Rural electric customers are not eligible for this particular program, but may be eligible for other programs with your local utility. 

Solar Gardens Institute
The Solar Gardens Institute (SGI) provides public education and policy support promoting solar gardens and community-supported energy. SGI has formed key partnerships with developers and financiers to bring local, renewable solar energy to you.

A solar garden is perfect for anyone with a shaded roof, renters, and anyone who lives in an apartment or condominium.

To subscribe:

Use our online interest form
Call 719-207-3097

You will receive additional information and instructions.

Capacity is limited...

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