Monday, April 15, 2013

Support Letter for California's Shared Renewables Legislation

Dear Senator Wolk / Assemblymember Williams,

     The Solar Gardens Institute (SGI), a national community solar advocacy organization, strongly supports SB43 and AB1014 as part of an effort to make solar energy more equable and available to all.  If passed, the legislation would allow financial participation in solar projects to those who have shaded or poorly oriented roofs, renters, and those who would otherwise not be able to afford solar energy. SGI supports good community solar policy everywhere.

     Our position on the bill is driven by our Mission Statement, Founding Principles, and Principles of Responsible Solar Development which can be viewed online at

     We would note the following changes to the bill since its introduction in 2012 that are in keeping with our mission and principles:

- Exempting bill credits from securities regulation
- Establishing a 20% carve-out for residential customers
- Establishing a 20% carve-out for projects smaller than 1 Megawatt located in impacted and disadvantaged communities
- Including many different forms of renewable energy

     One important amendment included in the 2012 bill seems not to have made it into the 2013 version.  This is a provision that would require 40% of participants' capacity to be within the same county as the community renewable facility.  SGI's principles would encourage local participation - after all, these are called "community" projects.  We therefore ask this provision be restored.

Joy Hughes
Founder and Facilitator
Solar Gardens Institute


Ray Bryars                                                                                        Nevada City, CA
Dale Scott Hickman                        Clean Power Co-op of Nevada     Nevada City, CA
Youness Scally             Everybody Solar                    San Francisco,                                                                                      CA
Rob Thomasian            PermaCity Solar                    Los Angeles, CA
Xandra-Marie Gabucan                                                                  Los Angeles, CA
Mike Balma                                                                                       Mountain View, CA
David Revelt                                     Antelope Valley Solar                      Santa Monica, CA
David McCoard                                                                                El Cerrito, CA
Christopher D'Avignon       Terra Steward, Inc                           La Mesa, CA
Jean Neblett                         Solar Gardens                                 San Francisco, CA

Other States-
Thomas Guy Atkins             Right Seat Software, Inc                 Golden, CO
Jan Peterson                                    Peterson Design                             Ft. Collins, CO
Marta Tomic                          Urban Grid                                        Stevensville, MD
Helene Orr                                                                                        Denver, CO
Stephen Ruby                      Aqua Care Solar                              Boulder, CO
Michael Thomason                                                                         Boulder, CO
Anna Elizabeth Phillips      Phillips Farms Field of Dreams   Keller, VA
Becky English                      Rebecca English and Associates, Denver CO
Robert Ogden                                                                                  Hohenwald, TN
Haskell Werlin                     Solar Design Associates               Harvard, MA
Linda Joseph                                   Saguache County                            Saguache, CO
Roger Wilkens                                                                                 Glouster, OH
John P. DeVillars                 BlueWave Capital                            LLC Boston, MA
Robert Ogden                                                                                  Hohenwald, TN
Cindy Grainger
Charlene Potter Climate    Reality Leadership Corps
Dianne Burnham                 Sierra Club                                       Pittsburgh, PA
Anthony Cotton                     Energy Conscious LLC                  Philadelphia, PA
Rhianna Bain                       Abengoa Solar                                 Arvada, CO
Jim Malone                                                                                       Evergreen, CO
Robert Wasserman                                                                                    East Lansing MI

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