Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vote Solar - DC Council Unanimously Approves New Shared Solar Program

Congratulations to Anya Schoolman and the folks at DC SUN for their hard work in making this a success!

- Joy


Our nation's capital took a big step toward more clean energy Wednesday, when the DC Council voted to approve a new shared renewable energy program.

The Community Renewables Energy Act will allow thousands of DC renters, businesses, and others to go solar for the first time.  The program is designed to enable energy customers who can't put solar on their own property to subscribe to a shared solar project located somewhere else in their community – and get credit on their utility bill for their portion of the clean power produced.  With 60% of DC's households renting their homes, this program will open the door to clean energy for a huge new demographic.

Joy Hughes
in community service
Solar Gardens Institute
(719)207-3097 direct

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