Friday, September 6, 2013

What the Heck is a REC? plus Clean Power - Healthy Communities Conference

     Dan Pinkel and Al Weinrub of the Local Clean Energy Alliance of the Bay Area have published a new educational paper, "What the Heck is a REC?".  The paper covers the idea of Renewable Energy Certificates and how they can be bundled with the power produced or sold separately, unbundled.  A REC can be voluntary, or sold to comply with a state renewable energy standard.  Not all RECs have the same benefit in terms of encouraging additional renewable energy - this paper will help you navigate the complexity and understand RECs better.

Download here (registration req'd):

- Joy


And here's a note from Rosana on an exciting upcoming conference:

Hi all,
I want to let you all know about this awesome conference. I went last year and it was informative, inspiring, and everything a conference should be. Space is limited and it fills up fast, so I encourage you to register now!

Register NowThursday, October 17, 2013
Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference - Oakland, CA

Don't miss the Bay Area's premier event for promoting local clean energy as a powerful way to strengthen communities in the face of climate change!

The Fourth annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference, hosted by the 
Local Clean Energy Alliance, will convene advocates, stakeholders, public decision makers, community organizers, and business people who support clean energy and healthy communities in the Bay Area.

This year’s conference will focus on finding solutions to the political and financial challenges of developing community-based energy resources and building sustainable, equitable, resilient communities. It will also feature a keynote address by Tom Steyer, California policy mover and shaker, referred to by Bloomberg Businessweek as a "Climate-Change Batman."

Join us at the conference to be part of the solution – Register Now!
You can also support our youth internship program by joining our growing team of conference Sponsors. All proceeds go to our goal of raising $15,000 to train young people in the coming year for clean energy advocacy.

See the conference website for more information or contact (510-834-0420) for details.
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