Thursday, January 9, 2014

IREC | Location, Location, Location: How much does it matter for shared solar participants?

It turns out that people really do want their panels close to them!
- Joy
Across the country, shared solar programs and facilities are creating pathways for new groups of customers to participate in local solar generation. But just how much does that “local” aspect matter? Should customers get a choice in the location of their shared solar facility?  IREC continues to investigate these and similar questions as part of our efforts to assist stakeholders around the country in developing successful shared solar programs.
To further this effort, IREC has been engaging in discussions with investor-owned, cooperative and municipal utilities, third-party developers and competitive electricity suppliers to get their views on this topic. Collectively, the shared solar programs of these entities comprise thousands of customers and over 30 megawatts of shared solar capacity.

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