Thursday, August 21, 2014

Solar Gardens for China - An Appeal to our Readers

I have been invited to speak at the Low Carbon Energy Summit in Qingdao, China on September 21-23. The title of my talk will be Powering Planet Earth: Community and Shared Solar Worldwide. Over the following two months, I plan to give workshops in the major cities of China explaining how we have implemented community solar here in the United States, and how the idea might translate to other countries. Of course I will be blogging the whole time!

For many reasons, China is the ideal place to build shared solar arrays. Many people live in apartment buildings, and the population is generally interested in savings and investment. China faces severe air pollution and has become a coal importer, and the high carbon intensity of its electricity means that a solar panel installed there will prevent more carbon emissions than one installed in the United States. China installs more renewable energy than any other country in the world -- yet the idea of community solar has not yet become mainstream in China.

I believe Chinese solar manufacturers will be quite interested in this idea! I am interested in referrals to companies and organizations that might wish to host workshops in China, and any other useful contacts you may have. I would be most grateful!

I have been offered a greatly reduced registration rate for the conference. I will, however, still need to raise funds for my travel and expenses - about $5000 total. You can help by making a donation at:

I will be happy to mention larger donors ($500 or over) on the blog and at my talk and workshops as sponsors of the Solar Gardens for China tour.

Please forward this email widely to any appropriate individuals or lists.


Joy Hughes
Founder, Solar Gardens Institute

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