Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tessera Solar Files Final Application for 1,500 Acre Solar Engine Farm. Ours is Bigger!

     Despite massive public opposition, Tessera Solar has filed a final application for a 1,500 acre solar engine farm near Saguache, Colorado.  There are residences directly across the road, and an organic cattle ranch immediately adjacent.

     There will be a public hearing within 30 days, and I will certainly keep this group updated.

     Our company, the Solar Panel Hosting Company, has proposed an alternative - distributed solar energy on the corners of irrigation circles, on old gravel mines, on parking lots and rooftops, in parcels smaller than 320 acres.  Landowners all over Colorado have approached us to be part of this project.  When you total up all the parcels we have received interest from, it adds up to well more than 2,000 acres.

     Since we are committed to using existing distribution lines, we can't cover all of these acres with solar panels, nor should we!  We're going to live by our principles of responsible solar development.  If it were to all be built, we would be talking about 50-60 Megawatts of solar generation, nothing to sneeze at.  And it's only going to get bigger.  Such is the nature of exponential growth.

     Our solar plant is bigger in another important way.  As our sites are located all over Colorado, they will (if built) create jobs throughout the state.  And it will take an awfully big cloud to shade a solar panel the size of Colorado.

     After all, 1,500 acres isn't that big if you're a cloud.


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