Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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  1. Looks like Prop. 16 in California lost despite PG&E pouring over $46M in promoting it. Even if it had won, Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) Marin Clean Energy was planning to propose funding "oversized" home solar arrays so they could buy power locally instead of out of state renewable sources.

    Here in Colorado, the Governor just signed the Community Solar Gardens Act. And expect several more new energy economy bills to be signed this Friday including Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) which will fund distributed community power and conservation measures. It should be noted that Xcel Energy has supported legislation to increase Colorado's renewable requirement from 20 to 30% as well as the Community Solar Gardens Act. As solar garden activists we must remember there are ways to work together. Unless you have a municipal utility or CCA in place, you may not like your utility but still there may be common ground to sow solar gardens.

  2. Govenor Ritter will sign these Colorado energy-related bills into law on Friday, June 11 starting at 1 PM at the Veterans Green Jobs Center, 2627 W. 6th Ave (6th & Broadway) in Denver:

    SB180 - Colorado Smart Grid Task Force
    HB1098 - REA Electric Co-op Board of Directors Elections
    HB1267 - Prop Tax of Indep Residential Solar
    HB1328 - New Energy Jobs Creation Act
    HB1333 - Green Jobs Training

    Nice way to end his term! Way to go, Ritter. :-)