Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time to Plant a Solar Garden

     See Greg Ching's article in Denver Green Streets:

     This includes some interviews with residents of the Southern Colorado town of Saguache.  Greg Ching and Brandon Williams of the Solar Gardens Institute made a presentation to the local Saguache Alliance for Green Energy, showing how the Institute can help create a solar garden for the town.

Video Interview of Saguache Residents

     Kate Vasha, Saguache Town Trustee, 63, described her community. "Saguache County is the second poorest county in Colorado. In our little town of 550 people, we have a lot of low income people and a lot of elders who are also low income. And to me, this is an important pivot point for solar - that is solar going to be an industrial model or is solar going to be a community model? And if it's going to be a community model, we have to take low income equity into account."

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