Sunday, June 3, 2012

Community solar is alive and well in San Francisco!

Community power is springing up everywhere! There’s a huge amount of interest in it. In fact, it’s really a movement -- as was evidenced by the large turnout at our recent Community Solar Confluences in Boston, New York, Omaha, and San Francisco.

The San Francisco Bay Area Community Solar Confluence, which the Solar Gardens Institute co-sponsored with the Local Clean Energy Alliance, drew in 80 people from diverse perspectives:
  • Members of community groups and neighborhood associations
  • Organizations that are funding community power
  • People working on policy to promote community power, or advocating for community power in other ways
  • Members of activist groups like
  • Government employees
  • Solar installers
  • And even individuals not associated with any organization, who were just interested in finding out more about community power
We also had a range of speakers from organizations promoting community power. Though the organizations have different approaches, they’re all working toward the same goal – and that’s to empower communities and help as many people as possible participate in renewable energy.

Joy Hughes, Ted Ko, Eric Brooks, Erica Mackie
We've posted Confluence videos and presentations from these organizations on the Solar Gardens Institute Training page:
Evan Wynns, Andreas Karelas, and Youness Scally

Learn more about policy:
Joy Hughes discussing solar finance

The fact that we had to squeeze the talks and questions into not enough time attests to how much is happening with community power in the Bay Area, and how much interest there is. The Confluence gave us an overview of community solar in the area and introduced many of us to one another. Let's continue the conversation!

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, get involved locally:
  • Join the Local Clean Energy Alliance for updates on what's going on, including monthly meetings on community power issues. The LCEA welcomes volunteers in a variety of areas, so here's your chance to keep networking and learning.

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