Monday, June 25, 2012

EVENTS: Wednesday June 27 - Denver w/ Federico Peña, Pueblo with Sierra Club

Wednesday June 27 - Events in Denver and Pueblo

     I'm back on the Colorado front range - just in time for the "new normal" triple digit temperatures. XCEL's solar garden program will be opening in Late July, so there's no time to waste...

Town Hall Meeting with Federico Peña

Wednesday June 27, 2012 - 11:30 AM
Mi Casa Resource Center - 360 Acoma St., Denver, CO
     The title of the talk will be "Latinos and Colorado's Clean Energy Economy".

     Peña will be giving the keynote speech, and I'll be giving my presentation "Introduction to Solar Gardens", with translation provided. The event is sponsored by National Council of La Raza.

     For more information, contact Jesus at  303-722-1727 Ext. 102.

Solar Garden & Pueblo Presentation
Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Beta Desk Center, 113 Broadway Ave., Pueblo, CO

     Join the Sierra Club for this wonderful presentation about solar gardens and community supported energy and how we can work together to make solar power affordable for everyone. The presentation will be on Wednesday, June 27 starting at 6:30pm at the Beta Desk Center located at 113 Broadway Ave. in Pueblo. The talk is free but donations are encouraged. Snacks and drinks provided and children are welcome.

     A solar garden is a solar electric array with multiple subscribers connected to the utility grid. The subscribers may purchase a portion of the power produced by the array and receive a credit on their electric bill. Community supported energy involves residents in the community that pool their resources to build a solar array and then receive a direct payment rather than an electric bill credit. Learn more about other ways to invest in solar without having panels on your roof!

Contact Jenny at 719-582-0249 or to RSVP and for more information. 

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