Saturday, July 28, 2012

40% of U.S. Solar projects below 500 kilowatts - Solarbuzz

Smart! A solar farm should never be just a solar farm. Something else can always be underneath, whether a shade crop, livestock, parking lot, or, y'know, a building.

Compare this to dust storms spawned by big desert solar...


"These smaller projects have a considerable impact on the communities where they are being built, providing much-needed employment and energy cost reduction," NPD Solarbuzz Analyst Christine Beadle said. "They also represent a significant opportunity for downstream balance-of-systems component suppliers and PV systems integrators within the United States."


Additionally, some colleges have recently started using sheep to maintain the grass under PV arrays, and a test market is currently being constructed in North Carolina for a 4 MW installation to be used as a sheep and lamb farm and monitored for herd management. To date, this may be the most viable approach to utilizing agricultural land for energy production, creating a "win-win" for all involved.

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