Friday, November 11, 2011

Community Solar Day November 20- Register for a Solar Gardener Training! is having an online solar gardener training on Community Solar Day, November 20 starting at 1 PM - Mountain Time (Noon Pacific, 3PM Eastern).  Training is free!  

Register your interest by emailing and we will send you registration forms.

A community solar garden is a solar array on a very large rooftop or a few acres of ground. Those who rent or have shaded roofs can subscribe, owning panels in the array and receiving an electric bill credit.  Solar gardens laws are coming into effect in several U.S. states.

A solar gardener is a combination community organizer / project manager who organizes the subscribers, finds the site, and guides the project through the development process. Solar gardeners aren't hired - they emerge. A solar gardener works with local nonprofits, utilities, counties and municipalities, and the press.

Topics include:

Intro to Solar Gardening - What is a solar garden? How does it work? How can I start one in my area?

Solar 101 - Basic solar, utility, and finance terminology.

Solar Gardens Policy - Federal, State, Local, and Utility policies that encourage or impede solar gardens.

Solar Gardens Finance - The wide variety of community solar ownership and finance models. Find one that works for your local area!

Learn more at and register for the training by emailing, posting on the Solar Gardens wall on Facebook, or tweeting to @solargardens.  Let us know what classes you are interested in, and we will send you registration details.

We salute the hard work of Solar Mosaic, Community Power Network, and our "community of communities" in bringing this event together!

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