Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wall Street protesters occupy SunShare groundbreaking

     From the Colorado Springs Business Journal:

A groundbreaking ceremony today for the SunShare community solar garden was  hijacked by a dozen Occupy Wall Street protestors who showed up to confront Gov. John Hickenlooper.


Colorado Springs City Councilwoman Jan Martin began to introduce Hickenlooper to the crowd of about 150 when she was interrupted by protesters chanting slogans deriding big banks, government bailouts and Wall Street.

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I decided to comment on this one!  Here's what I wrote:

I’d like to point out that investing in a community solar project like SunShare’s is exactly the thing that people should be doing to get their money out of Wall Street. I’d encourage people to go to solargardens (dot) org and start such a project of their own – community solar gardens are a way of addressing wealth inequity and stop sending money to frackers, strip miners, and big utility companies.

Just like the Hoovervilles of Great Depression #1, the occupy protests are constitutionally protected free speech. Perhaps we are moving into an age where ONLY corporations are considered people with rights!

The Solar Gardens Institute is becoming a B Corporation, a corporation that is for profit, for benefit. This means we respect a triple bottom line – Planet, People, Profit.  This begs the question – why is EVERY corporation not a B corp? Shouldn’t every corporation have to work for the public good as a condition of its charter?


Joy Hughes
Solar Gardens Institute

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