Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks to our Trainees! Training videos are here.

Thank you Solar Gardener Trainees, and big thanks to the SGI staff for helping pull this off!  We had 20 on the webinar for Sunday's Community Solar Day, an ideal class size.  Some couldn't make it due to scheduling or technical difficulties, so anyone can make up the class.

Videos of our in-person solar gardener training are available at the Solar Gardens Institute YouTube Channel.  I describe the training program and how it works.

Trainees - the above are required viewing, and don't forget your homework (find out your monthly kilowatt hour usage to determine how large a subscription you would need.)

We are assigning mentors for our trainees as we move into our class.  Look for the announcement for our next online training.

You can still apply to join the program!  Download the registration form: Solar Gardener Training Registration form and return to

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