Saturday, March 17, 2012

Community Solar, not Fracking!

New York State is preparing to vote on a goal of 5000 Megawatts of solar energy over the next decade - equal to the output of a large nuclear plant. Community solar gardens allow people who live in apartments or under trees to subscribe and receive an electric bill credit from a neighborhood solar array on as if the panels were on their own roof.

 In Colorado, the Community Solar Gardens Act of 2010. The Solar Gardens Institute is assisting local government and nonprofits to develop ten community solar gardens. One of these is on land that was planned for oil fracking, but now will be reserved for solar.

 There are lots of ways to get involved in the community solar movement! You can register for a weekly email newsletter at and learn more at the solar gardener training page:

 Be a solar host - lease your land for solar energy instead of fracking.

 Be a solar subscriber - receive clean solar energy at low cost through the grid

 Be a solar gardener - organize your community for solar .

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 Joy Hughes
Founder, Solar Gardens Institute

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