Sunday, March 25, 2012

Solar Panel Hosting LLC to Develop Community Solar Garden in Aurora, Colorado - Public Event at Aurora Municipal Center April 9

Aurora Sustainability Coordinator 
Karen Hancock, Solar Panel Hosting Company 
CEO Joy Hughes, and Solar Host Marc Collins 
sign Memorandum of Understanding 
at Aurora City Hall

For immediate release – March 22, 2012
Contact:  Joy Hughes, Solar Panel Hosting LLC
4800 W. 80th Ave suite 260, Westminster, CO 80030

The Solar Panel Hosting Company, a community energy developer based in Westminster, has signed a letter of intent with Hawkeye Right Now LLC to develop a community solar garden.  Three acres of a retired dryland wheat farm will house about 2000 panels to produce 500 kilowatts of community owned energy.

A community solar garden is a solar array connected to the grid.  XCEL customers in Aurora or Adams County will be eligible to become subscribers and have their own solar panels in the array.  Each subscriber receives a credit on their electric bill from the power the panels produce.

Landowner representative Marc Collins “The partners of Hawkeye Right Now LLC are pleased to be one of the first community solar garden hosts in Colorado.  With our site right next to the Aurora Campus for Renewable Energy (ACRE), we believe the Citizens of Aurora and Adams County will benefit for years to come.  We encourage other land owners to become solar garden hosts at”

State Senator Suzanne Williams (D-Aurora) was the Senate sponsor of the Community Solar Gardens Act, signed into law by governor Bill Ritter.  Said Williams: “I’m interested in seeing a solar garden in Aurora.  I plan to subscribe.  Again, Aurora will be leading the way.”

Says Solar Panel Hosting CEO Joy Hughes:  “Two thousand panels is a lot of power, but only a tiny fraction of the solar that Aurora will need.  It is likely that demand will be high and capacity will fill quite quickly.  Now anyone with an electric bill, whether a home, business, or house of worship can get clean, renewable power and save money. “ 

On Monday April 9 at 7 PM, Hughes will be giving a presentation for potential subscribers at the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151 E Alameda, in the Aurora Room.  “Even those from outside Aurora can come to learn more about community solar gardens, as there is probably one planned in your area too.” says Hughes.  To learn more about the meeting or subscribing to the solar garden visit, email, or call 719-207-3097.

Volunteers - combination community organizers and project managers called ‘solar gardeners’ help build the subscriber organizations.   Prospective solar gardeners can receive free training from the Solar Gardens Institute at or by emailing

The Solar Panel Hosting Company is a for-benefit company based in Westminster, Colorado.  The Solar Panel Hosting Company is particularly interested in bringing clean solar power to people in need.  SPH makes partnerships with local nonprofits, and plans to become a for-profit, for-benefit B Corporation.

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  1. It's inspiring what you do with solar panels over there. Keep it up!