Sunday, March 4, 2012

SGI Letter in support of Maryland solar gardens bill

To:  Maryland Senate Finance Committee Members
Maryland House Economic Matters Committee Members

Honored committee members,

     The Solar Gardens Institute (SGI) would like to announce its support for Maryland House Bill 864 and Senate Bill 595.  Community renewable energy via subscription can extend clean energy to a much larger and more economically diverse market.  Renters, condominium dwellers, and those with shaded property will be able to own solar panels and receive a credit on their electric bill as if the panels were on their own roofs. University Park Solar LLC has demonstrated through its community solar installation how this business model can be marketable.

     We have seen the popularity of the pending Community Solar Gardens Act in Colorado, and broad general interest in local power throughout the country.  We are confident in the particular language of the bills because of the support of Vote Solar.  The bill uses the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) guidelines for community solar policy.  SGI believes the guidelines to be a sound foundation for community solar legislation.

     Based in Colorado, the Solar Gardens Institute advocates for community based renewable power everywhere.  Our members reside in California and Massachusetts as well as Colorado and Maryland.


Joy Hughes,
Founder, Solar Gardens Institute

SGI’s Mission:
·      To educate and learn from the public about community solar energy.
·      To promote good community energy policy at the federal, state, and local levels
·      To assist local organizations in organizing, developing, and managing community-owned solar energy projects everywhere.
·      To provide a way for everyone to own solar panels, making clean energy affordable and available for all humanity.

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