Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Climate Change and Solar Solutions: A Hurricane Sandy (Ongoing) Experience | Renewable Energy News Article

We are hearing more and more about solar with storage for backup power on both single building and microgrid scales. Being off-grid, this is the way I live every day and it's great! The grid just isn't built to handle the heat waves, hypercanes, and super-derechos that global warming has brought us. Folks currently living with grid-tie systems that shut off when the grid does are now rethinking storage for the purpose of resilience. When the grid is functioning, battery storage can also reduce demand for baseload power, and even feed extra into the grid at times of high demand. Storage makes much higher penetration of solar and wind possible, up to 100%.

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"Storage is going to be my first priority in my [home] rebuild process. I need to consult with people on this because I'm not an expert, but why would I invest in a gas generator," says Russo. "Our panels are on our roof, supposedly they are not damaged, the inverters are high enough that they are not getting damaged either, so if we had storage, that could act as our backup generator."

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