Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Net Zero’s Net Worth: How Renewable Energy Is Rescuing Schools from Budget Cuts

"As the new Richardsville Elementary School rose from its foundations on a rural road north of Bowling Green, Ky., fourth-grader Colton Hendrick was watching closely.
He would climb to the top of the playground equipment across the street and watch construction crews hauling in bamboo flooring and solar panels.
'He wants to be an architect some day,' recalled Manesha Ford, elementary curriculum coordinator and leader of the school’s energy team. 'He would sit and draw, draw all the different aspects.'
Richardsville Elementary actually earns $2,000 a month selling excess energy to the local power company.
But Richardsville Elementary would not only capture Hendrick’s imagination—it would come to inspire his classmates and school districts around the world. When Richardsville opened its doors in fall 2010, it was the first 'net zero' school in the nation, meaning that the school produces more energy on-site than it uses in a year."

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