Friday, March 29, 2013

Japan's First Community Solar Project

Non-profit company PS and Trans Value will construct and operate the plant, using 7,500 of Kyocera’s multicrystalline silicon solar modules, and capital donated by Ryukoku University.
The 1.85MW Ryukoku solar park, currently being developed by Trans Value, Inami Town and Ryukoku University, will generate electricity for sale to the local grid, under Japan’s generous feed in tariff (FiT) scheme. The profits – any revenue left after operating costs - will be donated to social projects in the Wakayama Prefecture and Kyoto areas.
The partners also hope to establish a model that will encourage a wider take up of renewables.
The new project will be located at various locations throughout the region, with 50kW at the Ryukoku University Fukakusa campus in Kyoto City, and the rest in two locations in Inami Town, Wakayama Prefecture. Around 1.2MW will be on leased municipal property Inami Town, and an addition 600kW on land owned by PS in the town.

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