Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sustainable Williamson - A Renewable Community in the Heart of Coal Country

HOME POWER Magazine features Sustainable Williamson

“Coal may be a dirty four-letter word to some people, but around here, it is a way of life—how people have put food on the table and clothes on their children’s backs,” says McCormick. “Despite what the rest of the country believes, we realize that coal is a finite industry, and to survive, we
realize that we need to create new opportunities. We’re making progress here in Williamson because, instead of attacking our way of life and trying to take down coal, we’re respecting it
and trying to preserve it. Sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy not only give our community a future after coal, but they also allow us to extend the life of the industry and have the time we need to build our new economy.”

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