Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Xcel approves $200 million solar power project in Pueblo County | The Denver Post

It's certainly good to see more solar happening.  It's going to be happening in Pueblo County as the transmission lines from the San Luis Valley are full (an array this size would cause them to backfeed).  But wouldn't it be better to put the panels on rooftops, or distributed around the state as solar gardens, rather than in one place?  900 acres isn't that big if you're a cloud!

The cost of solar has dropped to the point where it is economical to use it at a large scale.  XCEL energy is installing solar in an old centralized generation model, while fighting to cut back net metering credits that support distributed generation. 

- Joy


Xcel Energy said Tuesday that it has contracted to with Community Energy to build a $200 million solar installation near its Comanche power plant in Pueblo County.

The Comanche Solar project — the largest solar power installation east of the Rocky Mountains — will supply 120 megawatts of power to Xcel, according to Eric Blank, president of Community Energy Solar.

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