Thursday, September 1, 2011

Call for projects!

Right now is a good time to start a solar project - an important tax grant program is ending, and  new solar gardens programs are beginning.  Soon, the first year's projects on XCEL territory will be chosen.  It's time to get permits in place and prepare to put up panels.

We can help make a community solar project easy for a community group or solar company by handling all the tasks specific to solar gardens such as creating the subscriber organization, recruiting and managing subscribers, and handling bill credits. is partnering with the Renewable Energy Development Team at the Governor's Energy Office to help projects achieve interconnection, regulatory approval, and finance.  We are interested in projects with these particular characteristics.

XCEL Territory in Colorado - The Solar*Rewards Community program is ramping up!  We are looking for hosts for systems of any size, but especially at the "sweet spot" levels of 50 and 500 kilowatts.  The Solar Panel Hosting Company is willing to work with all solar developers to help move these projects into approval.    

Small Projects on Tri-State Territory (Most rural electric utilities in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nebraska) - We are testing the waters with projects under 25 kilowatts that can be net metered as if they were on the customer's property.

Projects in California - California's solar gardens bill SB843 is moving forward, and it's not too early to start getting ready, organizing your community, and finding sites.

Municipal Utilities Anywhere - Municipal utilities have the most flexibility to establish a community solar program.  The towns of Fort Collins and Colorado Springs are both developing solar gardens programs.

Churches and Nonprofits Anywhere - Churches and other houses of worship, as well as other nonprofits, may benefit by having an array owned by a group of members as investors.

Let us know at - let's get these projects up and running!


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