Saturday, September 10, 2011

Solarthon Bay Area - A Solar Barn Raising by Grid Alternatives

A team of women up on the roof
     This is about as much fun as a solar geek goddess could possibly have, at least with her clothes on!  California nonprofit Grid Alternatives sponsors a Solarthon each year in each of several regions of California.  This event just happened to fall on the day of my arrival in the Bay Area, with 13 installations going up in the Bayview/Hunter's Point area of San Francisco.  California's SASH program (Single-family Affordable Solar Housing) gives extra incentives for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford solar energy.

The newest solar customer


      A very enthusiastic band of volunteers spread out across the neighborhood - I gravitated to a house which was being installed by a group of women.  This is how it should be!   A community bonding together through food, drink, and sweat.  Women and men, black and white, sharing leadership and skills - literally saving the world and lowering energy costs for the people who need it most.
All together now

     Let this be an inspiration for community solar gardens!

Now flip the switch!

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