Monday, September 22, 2014

China Update

A very long flight took me to Beijing, and a high-speed train took me to the city of Qingdao at over 300 km/hr. The seaside city is famous for its Tsingtao beer, and its wonderful seafood. Solar hot water heaters sit on almost every building!

The air-quality in China leaves a lot to be desired. Solar energy will help address China's most pressing environmental problem.

The Low-Carbon Earth Summit is a high-powered event with sustainability leaders from all over the world. The entertainment has been amazing! I have attended a variety of presentations about exciting new solar technologies.

The Solar Gardens Institute presentation cover community and shared so the models from all over the world. I discussed the opportunity for China, which is hands-down the world's largest potential market for shared solar.

Next I am off to Beijing to meet with NGO leaders about the possibility of using shared solar models in China. I will be traveling throughout China for the next several weeks, so I will have many updates for you as I go along.

Thank you to all of you who donated money or air miles!

Joy Hughes
Solar Gardens Institute Founder

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