Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Solar Gardens for China - Update, Thank You, and Request

I will be speaking at the Low Carbon Earth Summit to be held September 21-23 in Qingdao, China. The title of my talk will be Powering Planet Earth — Community and Shared Solar Worldwide (see the abstract below).

On behalf of the Solar Gardens Institute, I will be visiting Beijing and other Chinese cities to meet with members of climate, environmental, and renewable energy organizations to discuss the possibility of shared renewables models in China, and to learn about the recent surge of solar power development there. This research will be very valuable for my upcoming book on community solar.

The Institute would like to extend enormous gratitude to the donors who have made this possible, including one anonymous contributor of air miles for the flights to and from Beijing. There are only eight days left until my September 18 departure from Denver! Of our $5000 goal, we still need to raise $2328 to cover internal travel, lodging, and other expenses. The more we raise, the more cities I will be able to visit to spread the word about solar gardens.

Click here to donate to the Solar Gardens Institute and support community solar in China and worldwide!

Chinese Solar: Wikipedia
Your donation will be tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Grand Aspirations. 


Not everyone can install solar panels on his or her own roof. Many people live in apartments or have roofs that are shaded by trees or other buildings. Shared solar systems, also referred to as community solar or “solar gardens,” have the potential to allow everyone to own their own solar panels. An investor or cooperative member in a shared system receives a credit on his or her electric bill through Virtual Net Metering or a specialized shared solar tariff. Solar gardens have become increasingly popular in the United States, the European Union, and Australia. Shared solar offers the potential to power millions of people in urban areas worldwide, and for rural electrification in developing countries. This is an important tool to conserve fossil fuels and reduce air pollution. The Solar Gardens Institute provides training and tools for community solar projects everywhere. This session will discuss strategies for implementing community and shared solar systems throughout the world.

Joy Hughes
Founder, Solar Gardens Institute

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