Thursday, September 11, 2014

Soulardarity: Donate to bring solar streetlights to inner-city Highland Park, Michigan

This is an amazing grassroots, youth-led organization that is bringing solar-powered streetlights to a community that has been left in the dark. Please watch their video and donate to the cause!
Soulardarity is a community organization formed in response to the repossession of over 1000 streetlights from the city of Highland Park, MI. We’re building community power, promoting community-owned clean energy, and creating self-determination in Highland Park through the collective planning and cooperative ownership of 200 solar-powered streetlights. We just installed our second streetlight at a community park in HP. In the next year, we are launching a community cooperative and installing the first 20 streetlights owned by the Co-op. We need your help to raise $25K to pay local organizers, build the cooperative, and leverage full funding for the 20 streetlights in 2015, with the full 200 coming within two years.
Watch video and donate here:

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