Friday, May 31, 2013

California's "Solar Gardens" Bills Pass Senate and House

Community solar has taken a big step forward!

Just got this from Tom Price of

"Shared renewable energy in California just received a resounding endorsement, with SB 43 passing the Senate with a comfortable 27-9 vote!"

"The author, Senator Wolk, worked late into the night to craft amendments with Senator Padilla to ensure there will be no cost shifting to non-participants."

"SB 43 creates a 500MW program  allowing customers to subscribe to shared renewable facilities, and get a credit for what that energy is worth on their bill. 20% of the program set aside as a minimum to be built in environmental justice areas, and 20% is set aside as a minimum to be available to residential customers.  Many thanks to the more than 50 organizations, public bodies, businesses and others who are on record in support of the bill."

"Now ( catch your breath ) we have to put all our energy into ensuring that the companion measure, AB 1014, also passes comfortably. Please, if you haven't already done so, contact your assembly member and urge them to vote yes on AB 1014. That vote will most likely happen tomorrow."

"Thanks again for all your support of bringing renewable energy to every Californian."


And this just in:

"We're now 2 for 2---our AB 1014 just passed the Assembly on a lopsided 49-15 vote. " 

"That means both of our bills have left their original chamber, and are now over to the other--SB 43 will be taken up in the Assembly in June, and AB 1014 by the Senate.  They have distinct approaches, but both solve the same problem--letting people who can't buy renewable energy because they don't have a place to physically install it to instead virtually install it on their power bill."

"When adopted, either measure would create about 500MW of new clean energy, as well as around 6,500 jobs, generate $60M in new taxes, and create $2B in economic activity, and do it all without a penny of state incentives."

"Pardon the obvious pun, but it's a sunny day in the Golden state for renewable energy."

"Thanks for all your hard work that made this possible."

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