Thursday, May 23, 2013

Denver Solar Gardens Discussion May 28 - Mercury Cafe

Denver Solar Gardens Discussion May 28 - Mercury Cafe

7-9 PM, 2199 California St  Denver, CO 80205
     We'll be using this informal time to discuss how to take community solar to the next level while keeping it real.  If you'd like to attend, please send a message to so we can make reservations.

Boulder Gasland II Premiere

Other Events in the Series

Colorado Springs
Thursday May 23rd, 4PM-5:30PM
Rico’s Cafe
322 1/2 N Tejon St

Friday May 24th, Noon-2PM
River’s Edge
300 W Sackett Ave.

Friday May 24th, 6-8PM
529 Main St (Corner of State and Main)

Saturday May 25th, 10:30AM-Noon
4th Street Diner
411 4th St.

Saturday May 25th, 6-8 PM
Bliss Café
187 W Silver Ave.

Potential topics for these meetings include:

Solar Gardens Institute Charter
      - As SGI has grown, specific roles, expectation, and democratic process have become essential.  Download the proposed charter here - feel free to make comments!

SGI Regional Group for Colorado
      - The Solar Gardens Institute started in Colorado, but has gone national and even worldwide.  It's time to strengthen our roots back home.

Solar and Fracking
      - Solar Power will reduce the total use of fossil fuels.  But will high solar penetration increase the use of natural gas?  Not if we do it right.

Community Shared Solar Policy
      - I've been selected as a reviewer for the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Model Rules for Shared Renewable Energy Programs.

Solar garden participation for low income subscribers.
     - Five percent of solar garden capacity in Colorado is reserved for customers with incomes below 185% of the poverty line.  Learn about financial models for making this possible.

Become a Solar Gardens Institute Member
1. Fill out membership form
2. Return form to
3. Donate at least $1 to SGI's Equable Community Solar Fund

Donations to SGI through the Equable Community Solar Fund are now tax deductible!  Any donation of $1 or more will qualify you for SGI membership (though of course we hope you donate more than a dollar).  The Community Power Network is our fiscal sponsor.

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