Saturday, May 25, 2013

EVENT (NYC): Harlem Green Economy Forum June 22 with Joy Hughes

     Representatives from local businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, residents of Harlem, and other stakeholders will have a discussion about the current and future challenges and opportunities for Harlem to participate in the “Green Economy.” The forum will be divided into five areas covering the following: “Defining the "Green Economy‟ in Harlem;” “Local "Green Economy‟ Policy;” “Green Economy Opportunities for Existing Businesses and Individuals;” “Starting "Green Economy‟ Businesses in Harlem;” and “Promoting Environmental Stewardship Through Educational Opportunities.”

     The program will take place on June 22 from 9am - 1pm on the 8th floor of the Adam Clayton Powell JR. State Office Building at the intersection of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in the Harlem neighborhood of the New York City borough of Manhattan.  Joy Hughes of the Solar Gardens Institute will be speaking.

     Space is limited and we must confirm the number of guests and their names by June 4, so if you would like to attend please email ...

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