Thursday, June 20, 2013

Film explores effects of solar projects on Native American life | LA Times

     With plenty of rooftops, parking lots, and brownfields available for solar development, we don't need to be converting the desert into solar farms.  The desert is America's last great wilderness, it is chock full of threatened species, old-growth vegetation, and sacred sites.  We shouldn't even call drylands "deserts", the word implies they are empty, when in fact the land is alive and quite fragile.

- Joy


Documentary filmmaker Robert Lundahl’s latest work, "Who Are My People?," explores the effects of large-scale solar energy developments on Native American spiritual and cultural connections to Southern California’s scorched outback of creosote and alkaline lake beds.
At the heart of the dispute is a contest between Native American traditions and developers and government officials who contend benefits from the projects such as greenhouse gas reductions and renewable energy production outweigh their disturbance of cultural resources in the bleak desert terrain.

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